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Cocuura ?


“Cura” means “care” in latin, while “Co” is something we do together. Co-operation, we work together and help each other to show care. Also, when it is really difficult.

Courage to care

We all want to show our care in life’s most fragile situations, but it requires courage. We believe that together we can support each other to find the courage. Because it IS hard. But that is exactly why it is important!

The Cocuura C

Everyone of us will experience the path of life taking a U-turn. No one walks free. Both we ourselves and our loved ones can be affected by illness, accident and serious crises. The curly C in our logo illustrates the curly road of life.

About Cocuura

You can close your eyes, but the problem will not go away.

  • One of three Danes will contract cancer, but two of three Danes will be the relative of a cancer patient. Add to this other critical illnesses, serious life crises, accidents and deaths that can affect all families.
  • Diet, smoking, alcohol, exercise, sleep and stress are the most common causes of lifestyle diseases, which account for 40% of the disease burden in Denmark.
  • • 51% of the Danish population is overweight or obese. Did you know that being overweight is the second biggest risk factor for cancer? – And being overweight also increases the risk of a wide range of other lifestyle & critical diseases.

It is not a question of if, but when one of your employees or colleagues is affected by critical illness or develops lifestyle diseases. The risk of an employee being a close relative is even greater.

Open the dialogue - even when it is difficult

Cocuura articulates what everyone thinks, but no one does not to say out loud. We have the courage to ask, the desire to listen and the empathy to face the reactions that may come.

We share our experiences and bring key skills from the business, sports and healthcare worlds into play. All to help businesses when life takes a wrong turn, and to create healthier employees – and thus healthier companies.

Fear of confrontation is replaced with solutions adapted to the needs of the company.

The safe and closed learning universe offers both Help on Demand and preventive advice. All internal relations of the company can find help 24-7, anywhere – at any time.

"Together let's get rid of the fear of confrontation and open up the difficult dialogues – even when it's hard."

We will

We will overcome the fear of confrontation and open up to the difficult human situations of unhealthy lifestyles, critical illness and serious life crises in the workplace.

Cocuura is a brand new learning universe that develops concrete and tangible tools that increase the physical, mental and emotional health of the workplace. It provides both a human and a financial gain.

We want to take the lead and inspire the business community to open and honest dialogue, empathy and fighting spirit – especially when life is most fragile.

We believe that

Openness and honesty help all parties when difficult situations arise.

We show empathy for others and their situation – even when we cannot influence it or take away the pain.

Trust is a prerequisite for opening up difficult dialogues, especially when life is most fragile.

At Cocuura we take on life with a fighting spirit and a good mood. When life shows itself from the most challenging and unfair side, we seek and make visible the joy in life.

It takes courage to care

Lifestyle diseases, critical illness and serious life crises never become commonplace, but they affect all workplaces. Fortunately, most people survive and return to the labor market again, which is great.
But what do you say to a valued employee and colleague when life is most fragile? It’s hard – but that’s why it’s important!

We can close our eyes, but the problem will not go away.

Instead, let us get rid of the fear of confrontation surrounding such situations and together open up the difficult dialogues – even when the path of life changes dramatically.


Cocuura provides insights and concrete tools to increase physical, mental and emotional health in the workplace.

We articulate what no one dares to say out loud. With competences from the worlds of business, sports and health, we replace fear of confrontation with solutions for the difficult human situations of unhealthy lifestyles as well as critical illness and serious life crises – both before, during and after.


No fear of confrontation at work when the road of life makes a U-turn.
Healthier employees, healthier companies.

Meet the founders

LenaBoel- Om Cocuura

Lena Boel

“I want to open the dialogue”

For more than 20 years, Lena Boel has worked with management, strategy and business development. Both as a manager in large international companies, and as an independent consultant and board member, Lena Boel has advised companies across industries.

Lena Boel was as a busy Brand Director, when in 2014 she was diagnosed with breast cancer triple negative – an aggressive type of cancer. 7 months of intense treatment lay ahead.

During her illness, the company she worked for went bankrupt, and a huge restoration started. The businesswoman faced both her biggest managerial challenge to date – and at the same time was in the middle of her biggest personal challenge: the fight against cancer.

With Cocuura, Lena Boel has a desire to help and inspire the business community to open the difficult dialogues at work. And a belief that together we can stand stronger when the path of life makes a U-turn.

Hear more about Lena’s story under her profile


Mads Hansen

“I want to prepare companies better”

Professional handball referee, Mads Hansen, has for 20 years refereed international handball at the top level and has participated twice in the Olympic Games, and whistled both European and World Cup finals, among other things.

After a long medical examination in 2012, he was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymph cancer. An elongated course of illness, where the top referee was completely out of the game and only able to watch from the sideline, lay ahead.

The disease was so severe that Mads Hansen and his family had given up hope and were convinced that he was going to die. Fortunately, after a long, tough fight, Mads Hansen came out on the other side and is today completely cured.

Mads Hansen has co-founded Cocuura because he has a huge desire to equip Danish companies better to handle the major challenges that inevitably come up when a valued employee is hit by critical illness, accident or serious life crises.

Hear more about Mads’ story under his profile

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