Intro webinar

Introduction to
the Cocuura universe

Hosts: Lena Boel & Mads Hansen

Do you have the courage?

The social relations at work generally means a lot to our wellbeing and work satisfaction. When an employee is in a life crisis, the support and care means even more.

But how can a digital learning universe contribute to the community, the health and wellbeing at work? What is a digital learning universe actually? And do you have the courage to offer the entire organization help to handle the difficult situations?

In this intro webinar the founders of Cocuura, Lena Boel & Mads Hansen, will give you an introduction to how both managers, colleagues and employees in the middle of/close to a crisis can find help in the digital learning universe.

You will get a tour in the universe and see examples on the different formats, which are the center for the learning. The intro webinar will last approximately 40 minutes.

After the 40 minutes you know:

  • Why does Cocuura exist?
  • Which problems can you get help with?
  • Who can find help in Cocuura?
  • How is the digital learning universe built?
  • How does Cocuura differ from a health insurance?
  • How do you get access to the universe?

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Når du logger ind, kommer du ind til Mit Cocuura, hvor du får overblik over hele vidensuniverset. Indholdet er delt op efter medlemstyperne; leder, kollega og sygdomsramt for at give dig et bedre overblik. Du kan vælge videoer ud fra den profil, der passer bedst til dig eller gå på opdagelse i hele universet.

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When you log in, you enter My Cocuura, where you get an overview of the entire universe. To give you a better overview the content is divided according to the member types: the manager, the colleague and the person with critical illness. You can choose videos from the profile that suits you best or explore the entire universe.

Book a demo

Are you curious about how Cocuura can strengthen the relations and increase the wellbeing and health in your workplace?

Do you want to see, how the digital learning universe is built?

Or does your company have specific needs that we should discuss?


Book half an hour meeting with Mads, who will give you an introduction and discuss your needs and wishes.

If you have a specific crisis or need help immediately, please don’t hesitate to contact us on telephone 70 20 52 50 or e-mail

Cocuura & Livets krøllede vej


Hvornår har du sidst oplevet berøringsangst på arbejdspladsen?
I vores talkshow Cocuura & Livets krøllede vej drøfter vores gæster eksempler på hverdagens berøringsangst.

Har du en situation, som vores gæster skal drøfte, modtager vi den meget gerne.

  • Beskriv situationen, hvor du oplevede berøringsangst.
  • Hvad var svært?
  • Hvad ønsker du, at vi skal drøfte?
  • Nævn gerne, hvis du ønsker, at dit og virksomhedens navn er anonymt.

Vi gør dit eksempel anonymt og behandler din information med fortrolighed. Dit og virksomhedens navn nævnes ikke, hvis du ikke ønsker det.

Vi kontakter dig muligvis med uddybende spørgsmål, så vi får rammesat casen helt rigtigt.